[PD] audio glitch/pause while redrawing array

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Mon Jul 5 23:20:09 CEST 2004

hi miller, hi list...

> In theory at least, the GUI process can handle large, atomic updates
> like redrawing an entire array without disrupting Pd; the main catch
> is that if Pd throws too many of these at the GUI then Pd itself can
> stall waiting for the GUI to catch up to it.
it's really good to hear, that you are working on that... there would be
the possibility to add a thread on the pd side, that's sending the
messages to the gui ... the pd process adds the messages to a queue, the
helper thread sends the messages to the gui... more or less the same
thing i did for the soundfiler ... 

> Then there's the question of how to draw very large (100,000+ points)
> arrays meaningfully without having to examine every single point.  I'm
> leaning toward just doing a monte carlo hack for that: look at up to
> 10,000 points at pseudo-random somehow.
that _is_ an interesting approach ... but in order to make this
threadsafe it would be possible to do this in a gui helper thread,
i'd prefer loosing the syncronization between the gui and the dsp
kernel to gain a click-free performance :-)

cheers ... tim

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