[PD] dollarsign substitution clarification

david daniell m at tinynumbers.com
Tue Jul 6 15:45:23 CEST 2004

This is a basic question, I know, but I can't find if it's definitively 
documented anywhere:

Clearly the dollar-sign substitution works in an abstraction such as

[something $1-foo $2-bar(

- for instance, if that's in an abstraction called "myabs", then 
instantiating myabs like this...

[myabs 1 2(

... will instantiate "something" with the arguments "1-foo" and 
"2-bar".  Ok, so what if the values I really want to instantiate 
"something" with are "foo-1" and "bar-2"?  This....

[something foo-$1 bar-$2(

... doesn't seem to work - or does it?  I seem to remember reading 
somewhere that dollarsign substitutions like that only work at the 
beginning of values - but can't find where I read that.

So if this is the case, has anyone come up with any clever way of 
hacking around it, so that I *can* do what I'm talking about here?

Thanks, and sorry if this is documented somewhere, I just can't find 

- David

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