[PD] dollarsign substitution clarification

d. daniell m at tinynumbers.com
Tue Jul 6 18:00:48 CEST 2004

Frank Barknecht said:
>> [something $1-foo $2-bar(
> I take it that you actually mean [something $1-foo $2-bar], as [this(
> notation is more common for messages, whereas [that] describes
> objects.

oops, yeah, you're right.  shouldn't have written this before my first cup
of coffee...

> You probably read it in the html manual which everyone (hopefully)
> reads first.

thanks - i couldn't find it in the .pd documentation, didn't think to pull
out that html manual again.

> No, you cannot do as you describe above. But depending on what you
> actually want to achieve, there are alternate ways with getting what
> you want by using [makefilename]. There is no way to expand object
> arguments when the $x is not at the beginning.

ah right, like this:

[int $1]
[makefilename foo-$d]

then rather than use that as a creation argument i'd have to send it as a
message to the place where i need it.  this would be sufficient for me
though.  thanks for the pointer.


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