[Fwd: Re: [PD] GEM in winXP sucks]

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jul 6 22:36:44 CEST 2004


>>>Ok I 'll redo all the steps trying to be less amateur, but i really
>>>think that i'm doing all the steps... n sorry for my poor english I

i have no problem at all with your english

>>>stay very disapointed cause it didn't work .... for me I use only
>>>linux, but is still a mistery how to congfigure it on my distro.... (I
>>>have Dynebolic) do u recommend another!?
>>>ps; When I say sucks I was refering to the XP;D

this is fine with me.
however i have understood the subject a bit differently, rather
something like "i'm on winXP and Gem sucks" and i'm rather annoyed of
emails that just say "hey, your software is shit and now go and make it
work" (there have been other emails like this)

Jean Habib wrote:
> Cause in windows only recieve error msgs....
> gemwin
> ... couldn't create
> gemhead
> ... couldn't create

  > I realy don't know what to do...

this means, that the Gem-library isn't loaded.
you have to add a "-lib Gem" flag to the pd-startup-script (mind the
path); and of course you need a gem-binary lying somewhere around
(Gem.dll on windoze, Gem.pd_darwin on macOS-X, Gem.pd_linux on linux)

> On Tue, 6 Jul 2004 14:13:28 +0000, Jean Habib <jean.habib at gmail.com> wrote:
>>whta version of GEM must I get??
>>gem-bin-0.90.0_G3.tgz (3.6M)?
>>gem-bin-0.90.0_G4.tgz (3.6M)?
>>gem-bin-0.90.0_G5.tgz (2.6M)?

G3, G4 and G5 are special types of apple macintosh computers.
unless you are running os-X you will not need these.
the gem-bin*.zip is for windoze.

>>I wanna run it in linux....
there is no precompiled version of Gem for linux (as it depends on a lot
  of libraries and it is hard to find your way through distros...)

Dynebolic should come with Gem installed (although it's a pre-release of
gem-0.90 with several bugs).

if you want to compile it yourself:
get the sources.
untar them
go to Gem/src/Gnu
do "./configure"
do "make"
do "make install"

this should do the trick.

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