[PD] GUI as external program

Lee Azzarello lee at fallingforward.net
Tue Jul 6 22:58:10 CEST 2004

Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Jul 2004, lee wrote:
>>Has anyone on this list seen or created a graphical interface that sends 
>>messages to PD using an external GUI toolkit? While the TCL/TK style is 
>>functional, it's not exactly "modern" as far as GUIs come.
> Please elaborate on what "modern" means to you. Identify things for which
> Tcl/Tk is inappropriate. Then elaborate on how C++/WxWindows does it
> better. Then list what you think C++/WxWindows's drawbacks/caveats might
> be.
>>I have no practical experience with this kind of programming, but I 
>>think using PD for only DSP and writing the C++ GUI code to pass 
> Suggestions for the rewriting of a new Pd GUI are a dime a dozen; but a
> suggestion backed with real code seems to happen only once every few
> years.

Hey, I wasn't talking shit, I was trying to see what's already 
available. Chill.

But anyway, modern means things like pull down menus, drag + drop, 
nested windows with scroll bars. Basically the kind of widgets available 
in larger applications on Linux, OS X and Windows.


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