[PD] Setting up USB MIDI in Linux questions............

chun lee leechun at leechun.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Jul 7 11:25:18 CEST 2004

Hi there:

Thanks very much for your help. I have got it working now:) Just one minor
minor problem. I now can start pd with midi like this:

Pd -mididev 2

But when I add "-mididev 2" into the .pdrc. Pd won't start with the right
device, it goes back to -1 as if I have not specified.

Is there a other pdrc file that has higher priority then my .pdrc?



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>Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 11:29:19 +0200
>From: Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org>
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>Subject: Re: [PD] Setting up USB MIDI in Linux questions............
>chun lee hat gesagt: // chun lee wrote:
>> I am trying to get my midisport to work with my pd on a linux laptop.
>> However, I am a bit confused as to what I would need to do this. I am using
>> Fedora Core 2.
>> So far, I understand that I need
>> 1. a firmware that will be downloaded to the midisport
>> 2. software to download the firmware to the midisport
>> 3. a usbmidi driver?
>3*Yes. I think one good way to setup the Midisport is using the
>firmware loader from here: http://usb-midi-fw.sf.net which uses the
>MAudio firmware from their driver CDs.
>The README includes detailed instructions. The usbmidi driver is
>included in ALSA's snd-usb-audio modules. Just make sure, that no OSS
>modules are loaded (add usbmidi and usbaudio to /etc/hotplug/blacklist
>or delete the kernel modules)
>> And I found these:
>> 1. usbmidi-20040516.tar.gz
>> 2. hotplug hotplug-gtk
>> My questions are:
>> 1. Is the 'usbmidi-20040516.tar.gz' the firmware? Or the usbmidi driver? Or
>> are firmware and the driver the same thing?
>I think, this package includes both driver (OSS!) and firmware and
>firmware loader.
>> 2. I only have one midisport and is shared between my Mac and Linux, once I
>> have downloaded the firmware into the midisport, would I still be able to
>> use it with Mac OSX. I have read that between XP and Linux, this is ok. How
>> about with Mac OSX?
>The firmware is loaded into the device and set it up to be an
>audio/midi/whatever device. Many USB devices use general purpose
>chipsets that need to be programmed this way. Many do not, though, and
>those are generally easier to set up and thus should be a preferred
>The driver acts on the operating system side and doesn't know about
>this firmware issue at all.
>The Midisport firmware has to be loaded everytime you switch on the
>device. If you use it on another OS, like OS-X, then this OS will need
>to upload the firmware again anyways. So I don't think you will have
>any problems using the device for both.
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