[PD] -rt for whom?

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Wed Jul 7 20:16:34 CEST 2004

Larry Troxler:
> >
> > another feature of the -rt mode is the memory locking ... it's enabled
> > on machines, where _POSIX_MEMLOCK is defined (at least on linux it is).
> > this will force the memory to be represented in the physical memory.
> > (one will not be able to allocate more memory).
> >
> I thought that the memory locking was done by a seperate system call, and
> that setting the scheduling policy to SCHED_FIFO or SCHED_RR by itself did not
> lock memory.
> Also, you can still allocate memory after making this call. 
> I had assumed that if you use memlockall (or however it's spelled), 
> that any memory allocated after the call will also be locked (is this 
> correct?)

Only if you add the MCL_FUTURE flag to the mlock/mlockall call. I presume
pd does that.


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