[PD] pd waveform shutter effect

Eric Skogen eskogen at usfamily.net
Thu Jul 8 04:17:10 CEST 2004

Exflux-6 wrote:

> Thanks for including your pd patch. I tried it out, I'm not sure what
>variables I needed to change to get it to modulate the voice.. I ran
>the patch and it played little notes in the background, and w/ my mic
>I heard a little bit of an effect as like an echo, but nothing too
Try disconnecting the "random chords" subpatcher. It's generating the 
sound that the envelope is gating. You'll be able to hear the mic more 
clearly without it. If played by itself it's a solid tone (you can hear 
this by changing the [dbtorms~] to a [sig~ 1]) , but the gate creates a 
stuttering tremolo effect. Try connecting a CD player or turntables to 
your mic input. Or look at some of the example patches for ideas on 
hooking up samplers and sound file players within the patch.

The "trigger" array up on the top is a controller for the envelope. A 0 
means no trigger, and any other number is multiplied by the envelope 
length factor to create varying gates per every tick. (The first value 
is a 0, but that just tells pd to start writing at the start of the 
array, it's not actually a trigger).

It's all there on the canvas (er.. and subpatchers...). Just take it 
object by object, and consult the Pd HTML help, example patches, and 


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