[PD] Fw: [music-dsp] [OT] Calling All Unconventional Computer Music Artists

Anton Woldhek woldhek at xs4all.nl
Thu Jul 8 12:18:11 CEST 2004

Got this from the musicdsp list. Might be of interest to some of yous.
(Sorry if your subscribed to musicdsp and you get another copy of this)

ps i dont know anything about this project, got nottin to do with it.

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Subject: [music-dsp] [OT] Calling All Unconventional Computer Music Artists

> Ruccas.org is launching on August 1st.  It is a web site designed to
> provide exposure exclusively to computer artists creating music via
> unconventional means. It aims to be an important site in the world of
> computer music.
> Ruccas.org is requesting submissions of unconventional computer music
> and related articles. Such music can be created via algorithmic or
> generative means, databending, experimental gestural controllers, et
> cetera. Ruccas.org will accept music for inclusion on the site from all
> computer-based artists that make use of unconventional methods such as
> the ones above.
> Artists who submit materials retain all rights. Ruccas.org is
> non-exclusive, meaning you are free to submit your work to any other
> website, label, or project of any kind. You retain complete ownership
> of your works, and can have them removed from the site at any time.
> There is no deadline for submissions, but it is best to have as many
> works as possible available to people when the site opens.
> Please visit www.ruccas.org for submission information and other
> details.
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