[PD] FreeBSD 4.9, delwrite~, delread~

Dirk Witschke D.Witschke at t-online.de
Thu Jul 8 15:03:17 CEST 2004

hi list,

os: FreeBSD 4.9 Release from 13.02.2004
pd: pd-0.37-1test1.src.tar.gz (FreeBSD - ports collection from 27.01.2004)
soundchip: (FreeBSD dev: pcm) intel ICH5 (82801 IB) device ad1981b ac97

when i start pd with the gui, i.e. 'startx' and 'pd' with gui or 'pd -nogui'
everything seems to work fine. starting 'pd -nogui' from console (without
starting x) cause the error init_glob_fromgui ??? pd runs but there are
nasty glitches in audio output, especially with delread~ delwrite~.
this was tested with pd_file 'rev2~.pd'.

any idea ?
thanks for hints !

dirk witschke

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