[PD] dac object question

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Thu Jul 8 17:44:57 CEST 2004

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From: <mstamm at itin.fr>

> Hi,
> Sorry but I have another question in the same day...
> I have a "dac object" and a "number" to variate its value.
> When the number comes to a negative or positive number, the speaker
> a "tac" sound, and I don't understand why.
> Can anyone help?
> Thanks,
> Mickaël.

do you mean [dac~]

[dac~] ist the audio-output of pd (digital>analog converter)
[dac~] expects values between -1 and 1, thats why you hear 'tac's.

this is very basic stuff, which is well documented in the manual and the
examples. i suggest you would read these things. also to understand the
difference between audio- and control-connections.



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