[PD] gemwin span on 2 displays

Etienne Desautels titi at sat.qc.ca
Thu Jul 8 22:03:43 CEST 2004

Two weeks ago I asked about the possibility to span one gemwin on two 
different displays on os X. I was able to do it with Gem4mac but not 
with Gem/PD.

I no longer need this possibility but I did more investigations on the 
subject and I'll share my findings.

What I discover is that the problem is with the creation of the window 
and not the rendering. In gem4mac, when I try to create a window across 
two displays it would not work, as with gem/pd. But in gem4mac I can 
create the window on one display then move it across both displays by 
dragging it by the title bar and everything else will work fine (create 
geos, etc...). So I got the idea to try, in gem/pd, to create a window 
(1280x480) on a high-res display (1280x1024) then switch the resolution 
of this display to something smaller to force the gemwin to span on 
both display... ...and it works! I could create geos and everything. I 
tried this experiment on both my laptop with an ati radeon M6 and on a 
dual 1Ghz with a nVidia GeForce4 Mx agp 64Mb with the same results. So 
my conclusion is that the problem is not with the rendering or the 
graphic card model but with the creation of the window.

I wish it could help developing this feature in the future.


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