[PD] Bug with [pix_film] on os X

Etienne Desautels titi at sat.qc.ca
Thu Jul 8 22:17:05 CEST 2004


I'm actually developing some patches on PD 0.37 with Gem 0.9 on os X, 
but I find a bug with the [pix_film] object. I'm using the binary for 
the G4 of Gem 0.9 and it works perfectly on my laptop (PB 667 with ATI 
Radeon M6 16Mb ram agp) but I have a problem on a dual 1GHz with a 
GeForce4 Mx 64Mb agp. When I load a DV file with the [pix_film] object, 
the video appears like it was duplicate one time horizontally but put 
in the same space and all the colors are wrong (purple and dark). If I 
stop and then start again the rendering of the gemwin, the video will 
become normal but I'll have to do that every time I'm loading a DV 
file. This problem doesn't exist with the [pix_movie] of 0.9 or in the 
0.87 version.

Do you have any ideas ?



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