[PD] Bug with [pix_film] on os X

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Fri Jul 9 00:18:00 CEST 2004

This is a bug with Nvidia's drivers which do not handle YUV textures properly. 
You can sned pix_film a 'colorspace rgb' message, but this will drastically
reduce performance.  If you want to get an ATI card like an 8500 or better,
then that will solve the problem quite well.  You can also go back to a version
of OSX before 10.2.6 and that might work, but it's been quite some time since
I've tried that.

Also, I think you are mistaken about pix_movie not doing this - it's the exact
same code as pix_film + pix_texture just wrapped in a single object.  Maybe the
default is set to RGB colorspace - I don't recall off hand.  This is also the
first I've heard of starting and stopping rendering 'fixing' the problem.  This
issue has been confirmed by many other developers including the VLC people, and
an official bug is on file with Apple (Nividia have no real OSX developer
support at all).


Quoting Etienne Desautels <titi at sat.qc.ca>:

> Hi,
> I'm actually developing some patches on PD 0.37 with Gem 0.9 on os X, 
> but I find a bug with the [pix_film] object. I'm using the binary for 
> the G4 of Gem 0.9 and it works perfectly on my laptop (PB 667 with ATI 
> Radeon M6 16Mb ram agp) but I have a problem on a dual 1GHz with a 
> GeForce4 Mx 64Mb agp. When I load a DV file with the [pix_film] object, 
> the video appears like it was duplicate one time horizontally but put 
> in the same space and all the colors are wrong (purple and dark). If I 
> stop and then start again the rendering of the gemwin, the video will 
> become normal but I'll have to do that every time I'm loading a DV 
> file. This problem doesn't exist with the [pix_movie] of 0.9 or in the 
> 0.87 version.
> Do you have any ideas ?
> Thanks
> Etienne

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