[PD] how to build an audio file stack

Stefan Turner stefan_turner at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 9 11:50:21 CEST 2004

I think you need to look at using pointers and
structs. I really don't know much about them myself
I'm afraid so I can't tell you specifically how to do
it, (it's one of the things I'm gonna learn once I've
finally got Linux working properly!) but there's some
info on it near the end of the manual and in the help
docs. Try the 'pointer' object as a starter. I think
you should be able to implement the stack as an array
of filenames and use the primitive pointer operations
to push and pop. Let us know how you get on: I'm
interested to see what can be done in this area.


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> Dear PD-Community,
> I=B4m looking for a way to play about 5 or 10
> different audio-files one =
> after the other. The file should be in a an
> audio-file-stack where a =
> pointer stores the position in the stack, when the
> audio-playback got =
> stoped. - Activating the stack-playback again, the
> next audio-file =
> should be played. Does anybody know, how to solve
> such a problem ?
> fr=E4nk

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