[PD] newbie - stutter

laura smith lllaaauuurrraaa2001 at yahoo.es
Mon Jul 12 00:20:50 CEST 2004

 Hi all
 first and foremost, i am a pd newbie. i have some
 experience with max/msp, and i recently decided to
 switch to puredata. however, i encountered some
 problems trying to do the same things i was doing
 max. there are a few max/msp built-in objects that i
 miss, mainly [stutter~].
 this is not an email to ask for a pd port. for what
 i've been reading so far from this list i understand
 this is more about encouraging people to build their
 own instead of just using a built-in one, but i need
 help due to my lack of experience. 
 so if someone can provide some ideas/help on how to
 build a stutter-like abstraction (not an external),
 that would be very appreciated.
 thank you so much

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