[PD] Streaming soundfile player?

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Tue Jul 13 02:14:29 CEST 2004

Daniel Hawthorn wrote:

> I would like to stream the tracks from the disk without loading them
> into memory, since to do so will both take a lot of memory space and
> cause delays when queuing up new tracks.
> Does anyone know of a PD external/object that would accomplish this?
> sfread~ looks decent, but I suspect it loads the file to memory.  Or
> does it in fact stream?

sfread~ should do the trick. AFAIK it streams, since it's recording 
counterpart sfwrite~ is designed to stream a recording to disk.

To be sure, you could try some system monitor to tell you how much RAM 
is being used. What OS are you running? With a *nix type system, you 
could try "top" to see memory usage, and check how much PD uses before 
and after using each object. There are also graphical monitors such as 
Gkrellm2 under Linux.

sfplay~, in Zexy, might also be worth a look, although I can't tell you 
the exact difference between this and sfread~.

Last but not least, there is August Black's readanysf~ external.

good luck,

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