[PD] serial > usb, osx/linux

Rene Christen nay_m_c at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 06:37:18 CEST 2004

hi - thanks for all the responses...

i haven't bought an adapter yet so was hoping someone had already tried this 
but guess i will pick up a keyspan one. i seem to remember seeing support 
for them as an option to compile into a 2.6 linux kernel a while back. i'm 
in australia at the moment but next month am off to the states for a while 
so will pick one up then to save some $$. will definately post on how i go.

thank you VERY much for the comport lib martin. as i don't have an a adapter 
yet it failed trying to intitialise the device, if the adapter doesn't solve 
this automatically did you mean that i could specify the device in the 
commandline when i run pd or with a message in the patch?

as for osc, thanks for the suggestion alex, if this doesn't work out i'll 
send you an email. speed is of the essence at that stage of the process 
though,  however i think i'll try to use osc to then send info from pd to 
the blender game engine using the python kit from wiretap - all the same 
project, glad its long term :)


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