[PD] Newbie, OS X, graphical glitch?

J. Simon van der Walt j.simon at jsvdw.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Jul 13 09:26:28 CEST 2004

I wanted to give pd a try, so I downloaded this;


from here;


I'm going through the examples; everything pretty much works, some gui error
messages in the terminal, but I'm getting a little stumped by some sort of
graphical glitch. It's like the font size and the size of the pd objects are
about 10% too big; boxes and text don't line up or overlap each other, some
boxes don't click where they are but somewhere else on the screen, and quite
a few windows run off the screen and are not resizeable. It sounds a minor
thing, but it actually makes it pretty unuseable.

Anyone else seen this? Anyone got a solution?


J. Simon van der Walt    -----     Composer

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