[PD] GEM pix_film in windows: problem and wish

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Tue Jul 13 15:12:30 CEST 2004

hi, i also have to report a similar problem with pix_film / pix_movie 
in  the current gem version (0.9).

while it's fine to have quicktime .movs working alright by now, i 
experience a PD/GEM crash anytime i try to load a second movie. also 
loading any other other .avi than "homer" crashes PD. all of them worked 
fine on my previous GEM version (0.87)

i'm on PD 0.37.1 on winXP prof.

another suggestion (or "wish") for future GEM releases:
it would be great to have a fourth outlet in pix_film/pix_movie to 
report the current frame when played in "auto-mode". this would make 
syncing to audio much more reliable than it is now. the other way round 
(taking the time from an audio-object, calculate the frame and feeding 
pix_film with the frame number) just doesn't look as smooth and good as 
the "auto" play mode.

thanks for listening


--//-- wrote:

> At 12:20 07.07.2004, siggmuss wrote:
>> opening  movies in pd/gem using pix_film makes it crash . Im on windows
>> using pd 0.37 and gem 0.8888 rc-2. Any sugestions?
> try using version 0.9
> every codec works except indeo r3.2
> regards
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