[PD] CPU problems with GEM and pdp

amalia.dg at tiscali.it amalia.dg at tiscali.it
Wed Jul 14 13:04:25 CEST 2004

Dear all,
I have some problems with pd+gem and pd+pdp+pidip:
when I'm running very simple patches with simple interaction my cpu is at
99% and I can't do anything.

My cpu is a Celeron 800M, I'm using the 2.4.25 kernel version patched with

I have:

GEM: ver: 0.888-rc2

Pd version 0.37.1 devel
PDP: version 0.12.3
PiDiP : additional video processing objects for PDP : version 0.12.16
pdp_colorgrid: version 0.4

thank you in advance!

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