[PD] Iterative processes on textures in GEM

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Wed Jul 14 18:35:12 CEST 2004

Hello All!
I have a question about GEM.
What is that question you ask?
Well here it is:

I want to perform an iterative process to a texture in GEM.
Is there a delwrite~ type object for GEM, something that
would hold a snapshot of a texture and emit copies of what
ever texture was last recieved on bangs?

Exampla Gratus (I hope my ad-hoc web mail interface doesnt
screw up my ascii diagram below...):

[pix_image Demo01.jpg]
 |              |
 |  [metro 100] |
 |   |          |
[pix_hold]      |
 |              |
[my process]    |
 |       \\-------
[square 3]

Thanks for the help!
You guys and girls are great!

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