[PD] soundfilersf / writeanysf~ (FLAC)

ix ix at replic.net
Thu Jul 15 00:20:55 CEST 2004

> yes, the new  0.13 release has succesfully been compiled and tested on
> OSX.

and win32. just wondering, has anyone already hacked readanysf~ into loading into ram-based tables? a la normal soundfiler..thinking of converting sample libraries to FLAC but not before finding or perhaps creating a FLAC-compatible soundfiler..

anyone figured out why libflac throws errors for 32bit-float files and streams, but not w/ 24int, even tho the beginning synch-portion of a flac stream is stored in 32bit-integer and according to the source code "the reference encoder/decoder is currently limited to 24 bits because of prevalent 32-bit math". huh? is this due to there being some "loss" when converting from floats to ints at 32bit? guess this is more a question for the FLAC people im just wondering how its handled in writeanysf~, just pure truncation to 24bit integer?..

> 	libsamplerate
> 	libmad
> 	libogg
> 	libvorbis
> 	libflac
> you will also need to install  flext somewhere.

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