[PD] newbie - stutter

Lex Ein lex_ein at f-m.fm
Thu Jul 15 05:34:00 CEST 2004

For excellent reading and reference, Max documentation is here:
Note that Pd is _not_ Max.  Some conventions are opposite,
and many named objects are renamed (sorta vindictively)
but the principles are similar enough.
A little warning: you may develop considerable Max envy.
Cold water splashed on the face helps a bit.

laura smith wrote:

>>Many people on this list don't know about stutter.
>>Can you explain what it does?
>here is the description straight from max:
>stutter~ keeps a history of its signal input(left
>inlet). Upon recieving an int(left inlet), it copies
>that number of the most recently recieved samples to
>another playback buffer. This buffer may be cycled
>through by its phase, 0-1 (right inlet). on bang (left
>inlet) or a trigger signal (middle inlet), the last
>int number of samples are copied to the playback
>any help other than just pointing at some directions
>would be great. i am really newbie, so...
>Yahoo! lanza su nueva tecnología de búsquedas
>¿te atreves a comparar?
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