[PD] shell and lftp

aym3ric stm-sq at bleu255.com
Fri Jul 16 13:58:07 CEST 2004

thanks for your replies,

indeed, shell is initialised in the directory where pd has been started
and when i send it some ls/pwd i can see the file.
downloading instead of uploading (using similar command lines) leads to
same problems more or less.

i will try to call the command from a script then.


> >
> > to me it looks rather like a problem with the file ftp.png itself;
> > are you sure the file is found ? (as i remember the [shell] defaults
> > to some unexpected(?) home-directory - like "/" or "~")
> > does it work when you try to *get* something from the ftp ?
> >
> > and of course there might be a problem with the quotes.
> I normally use shell to call shellscripts. This way you can get rid
> of Pd's parsing problem and actually implement what you want to do in
> a scripting language of your choice.
> At the same time you can get rid of unwanted output from the commands
> that you call.
> The default directory of shell is the directory where you started pd.
> (Not the directory of the patch ... which is a bit ugly).
> Guenter

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