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Sat Jul 17 21:32:19 CEST 2004

Is there isnt graph on parent option on max???


On Sat, 17 Jul 2004 15:03:17 +0100, "ClaudiusMaximus"
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> On Sat, 2004-07-17 at 14:13, Thomas Sivertsen wrote:
> > And on that note, as a beginner to PD, I was wondering whether there is 
> > something that will enable me to make cleaner interfaces in PD. I mean, 
> > something that hides my patch-cords and objects to reduce visual 
> > clutter. And is there something like a layered approach in PD, so that I 
> > can put something in front of other objects/cords?
> You can use Pd's "Graph On Parent" option to show the GUI elements
> inside an abstraction inside the object box where you use the
> abstraction.  These can be nested to build up more complex user
> interface abstractions.  Example:
> To use graph on parent, you need to right-click in an empty area of an
> abstraction patch (say, myabs.pd) and select properties, then select the
> graph on parent option.  When you use the abstraction in another patch
> the [myabs] object box will contain the graphical objects of myabs.pd.
> To get it all layed out neatly, what I do is create a canvas in the top
> left corner of the patch (with a gap above enough for the object box
> text), and put the graphical objects on top of it, using the
> send/recieve properties to connect them to the rest of the patch.  Then
> before saving the patch I reduce the size of the window to show only the
> canvas GUI area.  Then sometimes I need to adjust the properties where I
> used the abstraction, to make the [myabs] object box a couple of pixels
> larger than the size of the canvas within myabs.pd.  Example:
> To make complex logic clearer, you can create canvases to mark blocks of
> logic - because of the way Pd draws things, you have to create the
> canvases before the objects that are on top of it (or cut-and-paste the
> objects after creating the canvases).  Example:
> Source patches for these screenshots are found at:
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