[PD] external loading suggestion

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Mon Jul 19 02:26:32 CEST 2004

> maxlib sort of does this since ages. In fact it uses 'maxlib_' as a 
> prefix, so to make sure you get the maxlib scale and not GEM's scale
> use 'maxlib_scale'. This is not really the feature you suggest but has
> the same effect and can be implemented without having to modify any
> single line of Pd code.
imo, it's not very useful to have these nameclashes ... but for some
important externals it would be worth to consider taking one of them to
the pd core objects ...
right now, i'm not using any counter, because of the differences between
the different counter ... and since both maxlib and cyclone have
objects, that do nearly the same and have similar names (e.g. borax vs.
Borax) it would probably make sense to figure out, what the external
_should_ to and cobine the objects of both libraries ...

implementing a (selectable) namespace for externals was one of the
things that was discussed at the lad2conf in may ... well, but combining
the efforts to improve pd is another topic ...

good night ... t

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