[PD] pd-0.37-1 failing to compile at vexp_if.c

alexander alexander at fork.de
Tue Jul 20 10:01:35 CEST 2004

hi there,
i´m trying to compile pd-0.37-1 on gentoo linux and it fails at the file 
i´m getting the following compiler error:
vexp_if.c:47: warning: declaration of `exp' shadows a global declaration
<built-in>:0: warning: shadowed declaration is here
my gcc version is 3.3.2
what seems to happen here is that gcc takes exp as a reserved word, 
probably from math.h.
which is kind of strange since math.h doesn´t get included at all here.
i could be totally off with my guess, too, though...
does anyone know what versions of gcc are not affected by this?
or if this is a bug in gcc or if gcc will handle things like that this 
way from now on?

any insight in this would be greatly appriciated,



alexander polzin | /dev/stderr 

fork unstable media

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