[PD] external loading suggestion

Lex Ein lex_ein at f-m.fm
Tue Jul 20 23:25:53 CEST 2004

Miller Puckette wrote:

>I agree too... Whenever something is available in Max and also in clashing
>libraries, I'm thinking of figuring out the Max compatible one (probably
>this will always be the one in cyclone) and putting that in the Pd core.
>Also, objects such as abs~, etc., which are in cyclone but seem canonical
>should go into Pd.  I haven't decided wheether Pd should try to include
>the whole of cyclone or not.  
>also, I want to add a flag to Pd to supperss loading specific classes so
>that, when classes are added to Pd , they don't break existing libraries
>quite so badly.
Fine, so I give up.  No namespaces.  Fine.  So everybody's mind is made 
up. So much for that debate.

But it sure seems like encouraging "libraryname_objectname" aliases as 
in maxlib would go a long way to avoiding
and providing a user-side method to resolve nameclashes, and allowing 
simultaneous (within the same patch or abstraction) usage of objects 
with identical root objectnames.  Without "changing a line of code", by 
the way.

"one word - one object" - feh.  Try that in a dictionary and see how far 
you get.
As in real estate, context, context, context.

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