[PD] GEM: help with pix_write

David Gerhard david.gerhard at uregina.ca
Fri Jul 23 09:04:01 CEST 2004

Hi folks,

Newbie to the group, trying to get my head around PD, Gem and the lot. 
Running on Mac OSX.3 with PD 0.37.0

I am generating some graphics with Gem, and I would like to save the 
result to a file. I looked at pix_write but can't seem to get it to 
work.  No combination of messages to pix_write seem to make it do 
anything.  The only response I could get was when I used the "file" 
message with a full path instead of just a filename.  When pix_write 
had the message "file /Users/etc/filename" instead of "file filename", 
it gave me:

error: ERROR: -5000 in GraphicsExportDoExport()

whenever I banged it using "auto 0" or every frame when using "auto 1". 
  Giving a jpeg quality (eg 60) at the end of the "file" message made no 

Any help with this? Is there a better way to save the graphics output 
of Gem?

David Gerhard, Assistant Professor
Computer Science, University of Regina
phone: 306.585.5227  fax: 306.585.4745
web: http://www2.cs.uregina.ca/~gerhard

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