[PD] list or qlist?

MvH cola at looze.net
Fri Jul 23 23:48:43 CEST 2004


I'm looking for a way to store messages in sequence, but beinging able to
replace them again, something like an array in perl maybe ( or a list in
gtk where I can replace an entry)

with |textfile| or |qlist| I could not find a way to 'update' individual

I'm hanling one or two messages at a time, every 40 ms.
I'm thinking 'macro' recorder for osc/VIMS commands, ( an application
(veejay) is receiving and the messages, and sending the keys pressed back
etc. )
being able to change parameters in playback dynamically.
A bit like a 'pattern editor' in soundtracker of fastracker, where you can
'play' over existing sampling entries, in the way of handling it ( not
graphically, but when something 'pattern' alike exists I'd like to know)

is there some external I could use? or did I miss something in the PD

If there's more sources of documentation then mentioned on iem I'd like to
read them.



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