[PD] new addition to pure-data.info

Star Morin shift8 at underpop.org
Sun Jul 25 05:21:48 CEST 2004

ecktribe - just another drum machine.

analogish (amatureish?) groove box-style drum machine and sequencer. 
loosely modeled on the korg electribe er-1.

[pool] based parameter/patch save and retrieve.

49 combos of voice+mod.

very modular, abstraction-based design (should be very easy to mod to
sequence/control your sound dealies.)

multi-routable effects chain.

midi trigger and recording - default config is for spd-6 drum pad
triggering, and voice param control mapped to the NRPN's of the er-1. 
should be easy to use these as guidelines to map to your midi hardware.

[switch~]'ed audio routing for low cpu overhead (eats about 45% of a
intel p3 500 now.)

pool (from current CVS if you want to save negative mod params)

LADSPA (amPitchshift, smooth_decimate_1414, freeverb3)

josh steiner -- for inspiring me with his super neat io2 project in the

frank barknecht -- for the footils tut, and raddical. (although i never
used raddical - it clued me into the fact that general parameter and
state info could actually be managed in a manageable way. i'm a diy
kinda guy, so i had to do it on my own.  his state system is guaranteed
to kick mine's ass.)

t. grill -- for pool

all yalls -- for this list

my mom, your mom, the academy...

if you care to, let me know what you think/would fix/would toss:



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