[PD] pd os x loading externals failure

Christian Klotz list_pd at deviation.de
Mon Jul 26 20:45:44 CEST 2004

On Jul 26, 2004, at 7:02 PM, Krzysztof Czaja wrote:
> this is the main cyclone external checking, if there are any
> abstractions it could use (when importing Max patches) as
> replacements for the max/msp classes missing in the cyclone
> library.  If it fails with an abstraction, a dummy class is
> defined.

ok, thanks a lot, that explains the strange behaviour. I was wondering 
because the iemlib and pdp were not loaded correctly, so I tried the 
-verbose flag. But this iemlib/pdp problem is still ongoing :( - the 
strange thing is that iemlib seems to be loaded partly. the iemlib help 
file 'all_guis_INTRO.pd' works fine but all .pds with sound processing 
objects dont. My .pdrc file includes

-lib iemlib1 -lib iemlib2 -lib iem_mp3 -lib iem_t3_lib

so everything should be loaded fine (iem_mp3.pd_darwin, 
iem_t3_lib.pd_darwin, iemlib1.pd_darwin and iemlib2.pd_darwin are 
existing in the extra folder). Why the pdp isnt loading (pdp.pd_darwin 
exists) I dont know.
cheers, christian

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