[PD] py/pyext

Andrea Valle andrea.valle at suonosonda.org
Tue Jul 27 00:16:14 CEST 2004

Hi to all,
I was trying to install py/pyext by Thomas Grill but I didn't succeed.
I have osx10.2.8, Exactly, what have I to do?
I use MacPython, but Thomas (who invited me posting to the list) 
suspected it is not the right choice. Also, what developer toolkit have 
I to install in order to compile (it seems I have none)?
I must admit that I'm not skilled in compiling stuff, and I am a PD 
newbie, as I was attracted especially by the possibility of linking PD 
real time and GUI capabilities with algos composing by python (which I 
use in non real time mode audio manipulation).
Anycase, I tried to decipher instructions.

Could anyone give some hints? (or maybe some link. Maybe it has already 
been convered elsewhere?).
Thanks a lot



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