[PD] pd os x loading externals failure

Christian Klotz list_pd at deviation.de
Tue Jul 27 15:02:11 CEST 2004

On Jul 27, 2004, at 2:26 PM, CK wrote:

> I read:
>> I have quite puzzled by iemlibs on debian, there is no iemlib 1 or 2
>> or mp3
> you have to get the libs seperately and compile and install them
> (I don't know if there's a debian package, can't seem to find one
> for ppc) get it here -> http://iem.kug.ac.at/~musil/iemlib/
>> however guis are working,
> the gui elements are now part of standard pd

Maybe this is a 50% solution. While the libs are included in the 
Hans-Christoph Steiner OS X installer the iemabs were missing. So I 
copied the iemabs from the linux package from 
http://iem.kug.ac.at/~musil/iemlib/ into /usr/local/lib/pd and add the 
iemabs directory to my path in my .pdrc
Opening some iem help files also included in the OS X installer I saw 
that now the sound processiong objects work.
But I am still wondering why there is no feedback of the iem*.pd_darwin 
libs on load, even if -verbose returns

tried /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/iemlib1.pd_darwin and succeeded
tried /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/iemlib2.pd_darwin and succeeded
tried /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/iem_mp3.pd_darwin and succeeded
tried /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/iem_t3_lib.pd_darwin and succeeded


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