[PD] OS X performance

cr ix at replic.net
Tue Jul 27 17:14:18 CEST 2004

>?Yesterday I tried pd 0.37-1 from Miller's site in a 
>?Powerbook G4 (1GHz). I compared the cpu usage with patch 08.convobros.pd 
>?.and I saw a big difference. In the Linux system it uses about 0.1% and 
>?in the G4 1 ghz about 20%. Why this big difference ? Should I use a G4
>?optimized pd or should I tweak the OSX system ?

convobros uses 12-15% cpu on 262mhz g3 , debian, gcc 3.3.3 -funroll-loops. re g4:
there are some SIMD optimizations from Thomas Grill available from the sourceforge CVS pd -r devel_0_37 you may want to try, which will work w/ Altivec on the G4. haven't tried them, perhaps someone who has has some numbers..., i think linux + SIMD/Altivec stuff enabled would put your performance in line with the PC.

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