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Tue Jul 27 18:09:22 CEST 2004

try removing any older versions of tcl / tk if you have them installed 
. this may be causing your problems.
if you want to use pd outside uPDated I'd recommend you install 
tigital's version



El 27/07/2004, a las 17:27, martin pichlmair escribió:

> hi,
> i am having a strange bug with pd (in the uPDated version) on os x. 
> some abstractions do not display. i can open them (via context menu) 
> and even connect patch chords to them. yet the object is not drawn.
> it only happens with abstractions as far as i've experienced this bug. 
> and it is reproducible. it does not happen with all abstractions.
> anyone else seen this?
> martin
> attacksyour.net/pi
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