[PD] Re: Buffer Type Question

chris tyrrell shaper_mechanist at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 28 09:49:10 CEST 2004

wow, i finally got back online (im having unexplained
trouble with my email provider)...hmmmmm in hindsight
that original message was vague and filled with
innacurate statements (in my circle im famous for
shooting my mouth off), i have a feeling i wasnt in a
state of mind at the time which would allow me to ask
incisive questions....what i was saying when i
discussed freezing a delay sort of refered to the
whole issue of "granular sampling" that mr. turner
brought up, although it was mostly a rhetorical
question, also i was thinking of freeverb~ which has a
freeze reverb tail function and i was just trying to
remember the exact ins and outs of the moorer
schroeder reverb, but at the time i wasnt sure what i
was thinking so i made a rather vague statement which
probably isnt so useful to the issue of computer music
(i'm an artist by trade - well i try - and in that
field of work vagueness and mystery is often a

anyhow all that stuff about block~ and signal~ was
probably me just being a jerk, when things are going
well on pd i want to give everyone hugs and kisses but
when things go wrong i feel like chasing computer
programmers through fields in a disturbing hommage to
planet of the apes, i only wish though my terminology
had at least been accurate, what i meant to say was
there a way of sending data to the objects in a more
"mobile" sort of way rather than by having "message"
messages, "set 4096 1 1" for example, it probably
would have been useful to ask why certain externals
take certain messages, would it for example be really
bad to change the buffersize constantly during
operation?...oh yeah and that stuff about control
inlets, well that was just a categorical error on my
part...i wasnt thinking straight at the time...

oh yeah and finally mr. smoelning this is the second
time you have been mean to me, dont you love me? why
cant we all get along? has anyone done a patch
implementing an internation group hug?

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