[PD] Re: Buffer Type Question

Stefan Turner stefan_turner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 28 13:04:18 CEST 2004

Thanks Yury and ba for replies. This is what I meant
by kludging it with buffers...it doesn't seem too
great a way of doing it, in my opinion, when the data
is already stored in the delay line. Adding a 'freeze'
(or 'stop' or whatever) method would be much more
efficient and elegant and it does not break anything
using delay lines already. Using the method below is
essentially implementing a circular buffer like a
delay line... which can also be frozen. I just think
it would be nicer to do this using the proper built-in
delay lines. It was just an idea anyway...


--- Yury <yurolog at mail.ru> wrote: > Hello Stefan and
> Tuesday, July 27, 2004, 10:59:36 PM, you wrote:
> ST> You are talking about freezing
> ST> the reading, and as you say this is quite easy.
> I am
> ST> talking about freezing the _writing_.
> you may write your signal to an array with [phasor]
> and freeze the recording process by sending it a
> zero-signal.
> To unfreeze the process (and continue from the point
> you get stopped)
> send the previous frequency value to a [phasor].
> -- 
> Best regs,
>  Yury                           
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