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shree bigswift at ufl.edu
Wed Jul 28 14:27:14 CEST 2004

i have to disagree on this
the easiest way i was able to increase performance on a G5 that i have 
in installation right now is to enable the root account
at least on a g5 with GEM i saw 10-15% improved performance

On Tuesday, July 27, 2004, at 06:39  PM, chris clepper wrote:

> On Jul 26, 2004, at 10:47 PM, Mirko Petrovich wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm a Linux user an I'm very happy with pd performance in my desktop 
>> (PIII 800MHz). Yesterday I tried pd 0.37-1 from Miller's site in a 
>> Powerbook G4 (1GHz). I compared the cpu usage with patch 
>> 08.convobros.pd and I saw a big difference. In the Linux system it 
>> uses about 0.1% and in the G4 about 20%. Why this big difference ?
> I just looked at the patch and profiled it.  My 1Ghz laptop used about 
> 13% CPU as measured by top.  The 0.1% number looks pretty bogus to me 
> as the P3 is hardly a floating point monster and roughly equivalent to 
> a PPC 7450 clock for clock.  I have noted discrepancies between top 
> and the real-world on x86 chips in the past (tasks that obviously take 
> lots of time to complete show up as near zero CPU load).
>> Should I use a G4 optimized pd
> The main code for Pd has little to no work for OSX and the PPC apart 
> from making it run.  Thomas Grill had some Altivec code for the really 
> basic stuff like the arithmetic objects that I looked at a while ago, 
> but I don't know the status of that (devel branch?).  If someone did 
> convert Pd to use fftw then the situation will be much improved as 
> long as the Altivec code is properly built.
>> or should I tweak the OSX system ?
> Contrary to popular internet claims, there are not really any OSX 
> system 'tweaks' to improve performance.  The best, and really only, 
> way to make applications run better is to write better code.
> For example:
>> I tried some Gem patches too, and G4 performed a lot better
>> (excepting the nVidia bug).
> Maybe that will get fixed at some point.
> cgc
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