[PD] Re: py/pyext

andrea.valle andrea.valle at suonosonda.org
Thu Jul 29 00:02:16 CEST 2004

I succeeded in using py external not on mac but on win2k thus connecting pd 
with python.
I've been confused by the too much stuff.I simply had to copy py.dll to 
pd/extra (which is curiolsy referred in some official docs as "externs") and 
to put the python scripts in python root.
But in the binaries  there's only one dll, py.dll, which let you control 
python from pd, and there's nothing about  pyext.dll, which is needed to let 
python control pd. It seems it has not been included. Any info about this 
Maybe someone has compiled pyext from sources and could send me it privately 
the resulting dll?
Any help is much appreciated 

Thanks a lot


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