[PD] lost messages (toxy vs. pd ???)

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Jul 29 03:13:47 CEST 2004

On Jul 28, 2004, at 10:00 AM, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Tim Blechmann wrote:
>> interpreting empty lists as bangs, is at least a decent way to solve
>> this, although i would try to figure out, where empty lists appear  
>> (e.g.
>> route) and try to replace them with bangs...
>> maybe there is a way to forbid that objects can send empty lists at
>> all...
> There are many algorithms that rely on empty lists, for example, to
> indicate the end of the computation, when removing elements one after  
> the
> other, or as a starting case, when adding elements.

Ok, so are there any other algorithms that could do this without using  
empty lists?  I think that the list behavior is very confusing to  
learn, and so far, I haven't seen any real benefit besides syntactic  
sugar.  Do you have any examples?  I am writing a all_about_lists...  
help file so it would be helpful.

> Therefore I cannot approve anything like getting rid of empty lists. I
> already have trouble digesting that Pd doesn't want to make a  
> difference
> between a one-float list and a plain float.

This is a perfect example of the confusing behavior of lists.  Here's a  
little example: try to summarize the complete behavior of Pd lists in  
one sentence.  Its quite difficult since there are a number of caveats.


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