[PD] streamin~ for windows (bug)

Anthony Lee awll at cs.ubc.ca
Thu Jul 29 20:17:12 CEST 2004

Thanks Guenter,

Enjoy your holiday,

guenter geiger wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Anthony Lee wrote:
>>I'm using streamin~ and I can't avoid using it on a windows box (it's
>>the one that has a 24 in / 24 out soundcard). I was having trouble using
>>streamin~ on it because sys_addpollfn was (I assume) sucking up all the
>>cpu after a disconnection on the client side. Does anyone know if
>>Guenter is still working on this external?
> I will leave for holidays tomorrow, so I can't look into the problem now.
> I have to investigate the state of these objects (haven't used them for a
> long time and I didn't know that anyone is using them).
> I was planning add multichannel and lossless compression support, but
> I don't know when this will happen.
> Guenter
>>I hacked the external to get it to sleep for a millisecond before
>>returning when there's no data coming through the socket but I don't
>>think that's the best solution (it does appear to solve the problem
>>though) and I would really like to know if anyone has found any other
>>streaming externals - streamin13~ and streamout13~ don't seem to work at
>>all. If there are any with multiple channel support that would be really
>>I'm really surprised that there aren't many other uncompressed audio
>>streaming externals. The mp3-streaming externals simply won't do because
>>of latency.
>>PS - I'm not sure how the threading works in pd, but for some reason I'm
>>under the impression that I might be putting the entire pd app. to sleep
>>with my hack - if that's not the case then I'm not too but if it is I
>>think I'll need to find a better solution.
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