[PD] test tar package with readanysf~ dependencies for OSX

n m nmariette at myrealbox.com
Fri Jul 30 15:21:20 CEST 2004


I've made a tar file with all of the dylib dependencies for readanysf~.dylib

It is online here:

This also inludes all the symlinks that point to the dylibs that readanysf~ depends on.  It doesn't include any of the .a static libraries though.

I'm sure the way I made this is not really the right way to do it.

But I am very curious as to whether the tar actually provides everything necessary for someone to use readanysf~ without downloading, compiling and installing all the dependencies.

If anyone would like to try out this tar file, I'd be very interested to hear your results.  

Alternatively, if anyone can tell me the proper way of packaging up a dylib with many dylib dependencies, I'd really love to know how.

Extract the tar by changing to root directory
cd /
and then:
sudo tar -xf pdtest.tar


In case you're interested, here is the command line I used to create the tar file:

tar -cf readanysf-depends.tar /usr/local/lib/pd/extra/readanysf~.pd_darwin /usr/local/bin/readanysf~.pd_darwin /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib /usr/libexec/gdb/symfiles/libSystem.B.dylib.syms /usr/local/lib/libflext.dylib /usr/local/lib/libogg.0.dylib /usr/local/lib/libvorbis.0.dylib /usr/local/lib/libvorbisfile.3.dylib /usr/local/lib/libmad.0.dylib /usr/local/lib/libFLAC.4.dylib /usr/lib/libSystem.dylib /usr/local/lib/libogg.dylib /usr/local/lib/libvorbis.dylib /usr/local/lib/libvorbisfile.dylib /usr/local/lib/libmad.0.2.1.dylib /usr/local/lib/libmad.dylib /usr/local/lib/libFLAC.dylib /usr/local/lib/libFLAC.4.1.2.dylib /usr/local/lib/libvorbisfile.3.1.0.dylib /usr/local/lib/libvorbis.0.3.0.dylib /usr/local/lib/libogg.0.5.0.dylib

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