[PD] pd-list archives added to elists.resynthesize.com

pd-list at elists.resynthesize.com pd-list at elists.resynthesize.com
Sat Jul 31 03:07:56 CEST 2004

Hi All, 

I've added the pd-list archives to the electronic music mailing list archive at
http://elists.resynthesize.com.  From reading the archives here I understand
there was some frustration in not having an mbox file available.  During the
conversion, I had to create one, so it is available at
http://elists.resynthesize.com/mbox/pd-list.mbox.gz.  I won't be updating the
mbox in the future, but I do have the php script used to generate the mbox files
from the mailman/hypermail archives if anyone wants it.  One problem was that
there wasn't any threading info in the mailman archives, so many of the messages
are not threaded.  New messages that come in will show up threaded though.  If
anyone has any comments, suggestions, or know of any other mailing lists that
should be archived, please let me know at btallent at gmail.com


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