[PD] problems with tow

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Aug 2 17:28:43 CEST 2004

hi Tim,

I think you are likely to be better off using the -listvariable
option, instead of directly handling items with listbox widget
commands.  Make sure the name of a variable is unique, and that
it is always written fully qualified into some namespace.
Create a

[widget listbox <widname> -listvariable <varname> <otheroptions>]

and lappend, linsert, lsort, etc. through that variable.  Not only
things are easier, and faster that way -- first of all, the
contents of your widget will be stored beyond widget's lifetime,
e.g. after closing of a subpatch window (the -variable option is
implicit for simple widget types defined by toxy, but listbox is
not one of them).

Btw, a scriptlet cannot be longer than 20000 chars, which is the
only limit imposed by toxy itself (it is there, because this is
the max chunk of data pdgui layer is able to swallow at once).
However, there is a warning printed to the console, so the toxy
limit is unlikely to be the cause.  If pdgui choked, you would
most probably know about that being the case, too...

Are you sure, the sorting script is not run?  Perhaps, it is run
before any items are insterted into a listbox?  How do you invoke
the messages?


Tim Blechmann wrote:
> it seems that tot is loosing messages. e.g. if i add several entries to a
> listbox with |tot .- insert end $1( and try to run a tcl/tk script to sort
> the entries the script won't run. i have to delay the message to invoke the
> script by a short time (100 ms) before it will run...
> i'm not shure where the problem is, either tot doesn't accept the message or
> the tcl/tk communication is too slow... it's on win32, devel_0_37 without
> the threaded gui patch...

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