[PD] Gem: the nVidia bug with pix_film

Etienne Desautels titi at sat.qc.ca
Wed Aug 4 21:01:56 CEST 2004

Hello list,

a few weeks ago, I ask you about the bug with pix_film and the nVidia 
cards. Cgc told me that it was a know bug and suggest me to buy an ati 
card. It could be an option but I would really prefer if I can use my 
nvidia card.

As I say before, I don't have the bug with pix_movie and I can correct 
it with pix_film by turning off an on the rendering of the gemwin after 
the movie is loaded. Also, I don't have the bug with the 0.87 version 
of gem.

In view of this facts I was thinking that it could be surely be 
possible to find a way to avoid the bug. I did a few test by modifying 
gem and recompile it but without any success. But I'm far from a 
C++/openGL/carbon guru.

I would really appreciate some help on this subject!

Maybe I'm wrong but I feel it's probably just a small difference in the 
way the video is transfer to a texture between pix_movie and pix_film 
that avoid the bug in pix_movie and when I think about it I start 
having problem sleeping!



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