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-- piksel04 - FLOSS in motion
-- call for participation
-- deadline 15. september 2004


Piksel - www.piksel.no - is a yearly event for artists and developers working 
with Free Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) for realtime processing of 
video and sound. It will take place at BEK - the Bergen Centre for Electronic 
Art, in Bergen, Norway from october 29. to  november 7. 2004. 

The first Piksel event was arranged in november 2003, and gathered around 30 
artists/developers from all parts of the world. It consisted of 
artistic/technical presentations, coding workshops and live performances. All 
activities were documented in a daily blog: http://www.piksel.no/log.html

One of the results from the event was the initiation of the Piksel Video 
Framework for 'interoperability between various free software applications 
dealing with video manipulation techniques' - http://www.piksel.org



An important part of piksel04 is a series of evening events of live art and 
audio-visual performance in cooperation with Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall 
Performing artists using open source software in the creation and presentation 
of their work are invited to apply. This call goes out to VJ-crews, live 
coders, typing divas, virtual actors, noise combos and FLOSS performers of 
all kinds. 

Please send documentation material - preferably as a URL to online 
documentation with images/video to piksel04 at bek.no
Deadline - september 15. 2004

Use this form for submitting (or go to the online form at 


1. Name of artist(s), email adr.
2. Short bio/CV
3. URL to online documentation 
4. Short statement about the work(s)
5. List of software used in the creation/presentation of the work(s)


Or send by snailmail to:

att: Gisle Froysland
C. Sundtsgt. 55
5004 Bergen

More info: http://www.piksel.no/piksel04

piksel04 is produced in cooperation with Kunsthøgskolen in Bergen dep The 
Academy of Fine Arts, Bergen Kunsthall/Landmark. Supported by  PNEK, Bergen 
Kommune, Norsk Kulturfond.

+--- www.bek.no --+ 47 55233080

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