[PD] render big tif´s with GEM

rainer _ jepoxy at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 6 13:22:10 CEST 2004


wow! as you mention it, i remember a friend of mine who did the same with a 
3d software (educational version), where the outputsize was limited to 640 x 

i do a sort of actionpainting in single buffered mode with pix_data and 
noish~ as xy animators. so probably i get an immense amount of animation 
data to record. and if i change the camera viewport i have to rebuild the 
whole image (in single buffered mode).

but most probably your idea is the only way to 4 x 3 meter images ;)
do you have a prototype of your "render engine" to share?


>hallo rainer,
>i've used a somewhat virtual, non-realtime workaround, which simply
>involves recording the 'animation' as a list (or preset sequence),
>splitting the desired output size into multiple screensized
>sections, rendering each individual section out, and moving the
>cameras viewport to the limit of the last section.. then it's just a
>matter of stitching the final image together in an image editor..
>it's not pretty but gets the desired results.. not too useful if you
>are after realtime interference (but hey, who will ever know if it
>never actually moves?)

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