[PD] Status and usability of vst~

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Sat Aug 7 11:46:02 CEST 2004

Hey all,
vst~ is not a secret, it's in cvs. It seems that also the Steinberg
copyright issues have become better due to the efforts of the FST project.
The problem is that it always takes some time to make a release package and
i use to do that when things have been tested to some extent.
The last time someone mentioned the need for vst~ on the list i posted a
call for vst~ test reports of all kinds of available plugins. I didn't get
one single reply - that can mean that either nobody uses vst~ or it's not
working at all or it's working perfectly.
So here again... i'd appreciate _very_ much reports of vst~ with all kinds
of plugins - perfectly working/somehow working (details) /not working at all
The other reason for not publishing a binary was a change in the
architecture, so that a OSX version (and maybe linux FST version) can
I'll upload a binary shortly.

please test and report,
best greetings,

> well, that's an issue i also can't quite understand. because i think
> support is a much-asked feature of any audio application.
> plus, there's actually a working "vst~.dll" i got one year ago from thomas
> grill. he's now working on it but still hasn't officially published a
> .dll, you can only cvs and compile it yourself...
> thomas, why is this still so ? the vst~.dll works perfect and never
> (some GUI windows didn't show, though...), so i guess that nobody would be
> offended by a downloadable beta .dll that works this good. even if it's
> working 100%, still its a damn good start and would make many newbie users
> PD happy. why keeping it secret ? are there any copyright reasons ?

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